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Is your EPSON L810 or L850 Inktank Printer showing the Error Notice or Message “A Printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support” when you try to print or power on the printer?

Sir / Madam, No need to worry because you are in the right place. Just download the Epson L410 or L450 Resetter or Adjustment Program zip/rar file from this website and solve this problem within a few minutes. No Keygen, No Paid Tool, No Authorised Service Engineer needed, it’s Free. (My Method).


Password – kpuspriyonews

Video Tutorial

▷ 100% WORKING EPSON L810 – L850 Resetter for FREE

Before resetting the Epson L810, L850 printer, It’s necessary to know its problem. If you are a Non Technical user, we have provided the PNG Image and video above; you should observe that first.


After identifying the problem, you have to download a tool named “Epson L810, L850 Resetter or Adjustment Program.” We have provided it for you free of cost. So, please find the Download button and get it. Remind that it works only on a Windows-based PC or Laptop.

How to Reset EPSON L810, L850 step by step with Resetter or Adjustment Program

1. Open ‘Adjprog’ File

After downloading the zip / rar file, unzip it and open the folder. Find the “Adjprog.exe” file and run it. Don’t touch the other two .dll files.

2. Click on ‘Select’ Button

After running the”Adjprog.exe” file above the window that appears on the screen, you have to click on the “Select” button. Don’t click on others.

3. Select the Printer Model & Click on ‘OK’

After clicking on the “Select” Button, another will appear in front of you. Choose your printer model (L810 or L850) from the drop-down menu. Leave ‘Port’ as it is, then click ‘OK.’

4. Click on ‘Particualr adjustment mode’ Button

You have to click on the “Particular adjustment mode” button in this step.

5. Select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ & Click on ‘OK’

Find and select the “Waste ink pad counter” option in this window and click on the “OK” button.

6. Tick & Click on ‘Check’ Button

After clicking on the “OK” button, another window will appear on the screen. First, you have to tick on the “Main pad counter” and the “Platen pad counter” tick box on this screen. After that, click on the “Check” button, showing that Inkpad is 100% full.

7. Inkpad 100% Full

8. Again Tick & Click on ‘Initialize’ Button

Again Tick on the Main pad counter” and the “Platen pad counter” then check the “Initialize” button.

9. Initializing

After clicking the “Initialize” button, the EPSON L810 or L850 printer will initialize within the second and show a notice “Please turn off the printer.” So, Power OFF the printer and Power ON it again.

10. Click on ‘OK’ Button

Click on the OK button. You have done the job.