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EPSON L805 Resetter - Red Light Blinking

Are you using an Epson L805 Tank Printer? Did it suddenly stop to print out? Red Light blinking one by one? A “Service Required” notice appeared when you try to print on the computer screen? Now you are wondering how to fix it, so we know you don’t have to worry. We have provided the solution here, so close all the other websites and carefully read the post shared on this website.

Welcome to another post of Epson Resetter or Adjustment Program. Epson l805 is a very popular WiFi-based ink tank printer in the market for its photo printing efficiency. People who are working with photography, CD printing, or other printing job love this printer.

But after a long period of printing, this Epson printer shows a message or notice on the computer screen “Service Required” and Red Light Blinking one by one when you try to print. To solve or fix this problem, you have to Run Resetter or Epson Adjustment Program on your computer. If you don’t know the Epson Adjustment Program or Resetter and don’t know how to use it, read this blog post thoroughly. We hope you will be able to fix your Epson L805 Printer light blinking problem. So bookmark this website first.


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Tutorial Video (How to Factory Reset Epson L805 Printer)

Some Other Resetter or Adjustment Program

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Before resetting the Epson L805 printer, imperative to know its problem; if you are a Non Technical user, we have provided the GIF Image and video above; you should observe first.

Epson L805 Resetter or Adjustment Program

How to Reset Epson L805 (Step by step)

After identifying the problem, you have to download a tool named “Epson L805 Resetter or Adjustment Program.” We have provided it for you free of cost. So, please find the Download button and get it. Remind that it works only on a Windows-based PC or Laptop.

But before you do this, make sure that you have a printer properly installed on your computer. If not, click on this link to download the printer driver and install the printer properly first.

1. Disable Antivirus for Sometime

First Step

After downloading the zip/rar file from the download button on our website, it’s recommended to disable your antivirus software for a while.

2. Extract the Zip File

Second Step

Extract the zip or rar file in the same location if need password checks below the download button. If you are not able to unzip correctly, please update the software, or you can direct download it from here.

3. Select and run the “Adjprog” file

Third Step

After unzipping the downloaded file, open the folder, find the “Adjprog” exe file and run it. Don’t touch the other files.

4. Clicks the “Particular adjustment mode” Button

Fourth Step

When you run the file, the “Adjprog.exe” window will appear on the screen. Just click on the “Particular adjustment mode” button.

5. Select the “Waste ink pad conuter” & click on “OK” button

Fifth Step

In this window find and select the “Waste ink pad conuter” option and click on “OK” button.

6. Tick “Main and Platen pad conuter” and click on “Check” button

Sixth Step

After click on the “OK” button, another window will appear. Tick on “Main and Platen pad counter,” then click on the “Check” button.

7. See Inkpad 100% Full

Seventh Step

This window will inform you that the Inkpad is 100% Full.

8. Tick on “Main & Platen pad conuter” then click on “Initialize” button

Eighth Step

Again Tick on “Main and Platen pad counter” in this window. After that, click on the “Initialize” button.

9. Initializing Now

Nineth Step

Wait for a few seconds. The printer will Initialize then click on OK button and Restart the printer.

10. Click on “OK” button

Tenth Step

After Initialize the printer, the Information window will appear. Click on the “OK” button.

11. You have done the job successfully

Eleventh Step

Now the InkPad is 0%. You have successfully done the job. Your Printer is ready to serve print again.

How do I know that I have to reset my EPSON L805 Printer

Below we have mentioned the indications that you can understand by looking at; you have to reset your EPSON L805 printer.

Epson L805 Printer Service Required
  • Its Two Red LED lights are Flashing One by One, but Green Power Led is still on?
  • Have it says, “Printer’s ink pad at the end of its service life“?
  • Does it notify about going to the Epson Service Center?
  • Showing the massage about Epson L805 Inkpad needs to change?

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