Radhanagar Beach | Andaman And Nicobar Island | Havelock Island

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Radhanagar Beach is the number one beach in Asia. It has taken place in the world’s top ten beaches. It is the best beach among the beaches in Havelock Islands. This beach is also unique and notable for its white sands. These sands are in the form of fine talcum powder-like texture.

However, It is one of the most visited stops in India. Lovely beautiful surroundings and clear blue water make it a heaven of nature. This location is famous for its spectacular sunsets also. Words can’t explain the beauty. This location provides the best evening view. It is worth seeing a lifetime once this place.

Radhanagar Beach placed around 12 kilometers from Havelock jetty. If you’re lucky, you can see dolphins also. Sunset occurs at about 5 PM at Radhanagar Beach. The road to the beach is also amazing. After sunset, it is also welcome to enjoy wonderful Chai & Pakodas on stalls out the beach.

It is now the only beach where people can get in the water. Because crocodiles have attacked most sea beaches. So, cost guards will not allow anyone to gets in the water. Radhanagar beach has located on Havelock Island. It should reach by Government Jetties or Private Jet Cruises in the dock. For which a cab will be required to get Radhagal beach.

Radhanagar beach is on the west coast of Havelock Island. It could take up to 30-45 mins to achieve by motor vehicle from most of the island. There are lots of small food stores lined out the entire of the shore. But the evenings are the best times to see here. Since you can see the sunset, and you’ll also see more public during the evenings.

Activities you can do here

Snacking, swimming, scuba diving, boating, parasailing, etc. the most commonly seen actions on Radhanagar Beach. And Scuba Diving is the best part of them. It is your best choice because of specific crystal interaction with marine animals and coral reefs.

While you swim or take snorkeling, the blue water provides an excellent experience. Many tourists are almost higher class. So, Andaman Government opens more facilities for tourists to spend enough time on the shore. It is an excellent place for adventure lovers. At the time this place has got global attention. You must visit an Andaman tour, to make your weekend memorable and unique.

The direction from Port Blair

To reach Radhanagar Beach From Port Blair, it will get more than three hours. It situated around 72 km apart from the capital city of Port Blair.

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