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Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) is one of the fantastic islands of Andaman. It’s famous for Natural Heaven, beautiful white sandy beaches, vibrant coral rock, and lovely green trees. So, this is among the best beaches in Asia. However, This populated island is about 113 sq km. And It located 39 kilometers northwest of Port Blair.

On the other hand, The island named after a British General, Henry Havelock who served in India. However, This island’s present population contains mainly Bengali lands. So, a Number of These settlers have Bangladeshi sources as these individuals were granted settlement from the Indian authorities following the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. For those who are looking for a peaceful escape cut away from cellular telephones, internet, and industrial shore attractions, Havelock Island is the next spot to tick off your list. Everyone enjoys the fun and flexible taste of the sea.

How to Reach Here

Havelock Island is a scenic destination. However, It located approximately 40 km northeast of Port Blair. There are two different ways to reach this Island. One is Ferry, and the other is by Air.

Port Blair is the airport town of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Flights are available from all the principal cities of India. Although Regular Helicopter Services from Port Blair airport to Havelock provided by The Civil Aviation Dept. of A& N Administration.

However, There are Frequently Ferries and Boat services from Port Blair and Neil Island to Havelock. On the other hand distance between Port Blair to Havelock approximately 90 minutes. From Neil Island to reach the destination approximately One Hour. There are Govt-run, and privately-operated ferries & boats both frequently available.

Havelock Island Map

Perfect Season Time

There’s not an ideal time to visit this island. You can delight in the beauty of the island around the year. Getting rainy season from May to September but the Andaman Islands realizing mild winters and hot summers. So, It makes it an almost yearlong destination. You may enjoy the temperatures from 30-35 degrees Celsius from October to February. So, it is the perfect month to enjoy the idyllic beaches and water sports.

Where to stay

There are over fifty numbers of Government and Private hotels & Resorts at Havelock. But the Tourism Department Dolphin Resort is very popular. You may pick your hotel depending on your budget. According to cost rage, you will find around Rs.500 to Rs.25,000 hotels & resorts can be found. Here is some hotel of my choice according to price range.

For Low Budget Hotel (Sunrise Beach Resort) Phone: +91 94 7420 6183, +91 96 7954 4554
For Mid Budget Hotel (The Wild Orchid) Phone: +91 31 9228 2472/214430
For Luxury Hotel (Silversand) Phone: +91 99 3208 9996/31 9224 4914
Barefoot at Havelock Phone: +91 44 4231 6378

What to Do Here

Havelock Island is home to fantastic beaches. Such as Radhanagar, Vijayanagar, Elephant, and Kalapather, and a lot more that is the top attraction of Andaman.
The best things you do in this Island are sea walk, snorkeling, surfing, swimming. You can also game fishing, beachcombing, sunbathing, scuba diving, watching the sunset or sunrise, bird-watching, trekking, sailing, and kayaking.

Which is Do & Not to Do

There are lots of sandy beaches and coral reefs in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. But for swimming and other enjoyable activities are safe only on some beaches. For safety purposes, authority always monitored. Though swimming and enjoying are safe in Andaman water. But, some wild marine creatures which might attack. Because conflict of mistaken identity like prey or to defend their land. But such type accidents are infrequent. So, to get a safe and excellent swimming experience to follow the below steps.

Which to Do

  • Find the Tourist Information Center and learn about secure swimming or driving. Though, you can want help from Local Tour Operators and Forest Department Staff. Don’t enter into the protected area because may dangerous animals are there.
  • If you get into trouble in the water, stay calm, and wave your arm. To get help or assistance always raise your hand also.
  • Look for an on-duty Lifeguard Stuff and request him to get some information about swimming conditions like local currents, tides, visibility, and the presence of dangerous marine creatures, etc.
  • To know about the possible danger Always search for the Safety Notice Boards.
  • Always swimming in the daytime, avoid in the dark. Don’t allow the children alone, and an adult should always supervise. Try to get a friend to swim with you, because you may keep an eye out for one another’s security and get help, if necessary.

Not to Do Here

  • Always avoid nighttime diving or swimming.
  • When you under the influence of alcohol or drugs, please don’t swim.
  • Throughout the ship-rides don’t put your legs or arms into the water.
  • Stay away from swimming or diving among the flock of fish. That may bring in Hunter fish such as shark.
  • In case you’ve got an open wound, then please prevent swimming. Predatory fish appear on by blood odor.
  • While swimming Keep away from Shiny jewelry or bright colored clothing because it looks like fins of little fishes. So, it might bring in predatory fishes.

Some Important Phone Number of Havelock Island

For Ambulance Service & Primary Health Center Call: 03192-282382
Need Fire Brigade, Call: 03192-282400
Police Station Phone Number: 03192-282405
Tourist Information Centre of Port Blair Phone Number : 03192: 232642/232694/232747(F)
Tourist Information Centre of Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair, Phone No: 03192-232414

Must-Visit Below 12 Places at Havelock Island

In this guide, we have tried to list out 12 best places to visit at Havelock Island. These places are the main attraction of this Island. So, the travelers fascinated for natural wonder after visiting these places.

1. Radhanagar Beach

Havelock Island - Radhanagar Beach

Among the, ten most excellent beaches in the universe Radhanagar Beach has ranked 8th place. However, According to traveler’s reviews and score, it is the most beautiful beaches in Asia from TIME Magazine. It’s among the Nearest shore Situated near to Havelock Island ferry ghat. Radhanagar’s other name is Beach No.7 also. This shore is very kids and family-friendly. So, families are very close to the place to spend their holidays or short holidays. Its sand is white and quite a nice lovely place. A large number of people visit here every day, But there is nothing to worry about, the coast guards often walk around. It’s the best spot for honeymoon couples.

Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair, it takes over three hours to reach Radhanagar Beach. It situated about 72 km from the capital town. know more

2. Neil Island

Havelock Island - Neil Island

Neil is the little southeast Island of the Andaman. However, this island situated about 37 KMS only. Because of Unexplored coral reefs, vibrant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches, and tropical woods make it an excellent and hot tourist spot. Neil Island is the vegetable Hub of Andaman. People who like to relax, chill out and ultimate peace in deserted beaches, is the perfect place. A man can explore the whole island in just two hours. However, After Mutiny in 1857 this island named Neil on behalf of British Brigadier General James Neill. But it said that The worshipers named the beach after the mythological characters of the epic Ramayana (Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, Sitapur, Ramnagar, etc).

Note: Among the major Highlights of Neil Island is Neil Kendra and the curving bay filled with sand. It is about 36 km from Port Blair. know more

3. Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is Your shining Coast of Havelock Island. But its great attractiveness is very long coral reefs. It provides the guests with a peaceful shore with pure calmness. So, people must have to visit this place to walk around with your love or to enjoy sunbathing.

Havelock Island - Elephant Beach

Due to its friendly atmosphere, this beach is more significant among the many shores on Havelock Island. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and other adventurous activities are the main attraction of here.

Note: During monsoon too, tourists would like to visit Elephant Beach. According to the report by Folks that sometimes, the wild elephants from the nearby forests arrive at the shore. And wander along with the white sandy mattress. It’s currently lying around 69 km from the capital city of Andaman. People can get individual to the shore by boat from Havelock jetty.

4. Barren Island

Barren Island, famous for having the only active volcano in South Asia. Its name is Barren because it’s a barren region. But here a tiny population of birds as well as animals such as goats, flying foxes, etc.

Havelock Island - Barren Island

This volcanic island is in the middle of a volcanic belt which is on the border between Indian and Burmese tectonic plates. The highest peak of the volcano stands at around 354 meters. However, it has ensured that most of the volcano has submerged around the island.

Note: The smooth journey of the sea across the island is excellent. It is an accredited act of enjoying the views of the entire area. This island will be the best because you will meet plenty of volcanoes as well as neighboring rocks. It located about 138 km northeast of Port Blair.

5. Long Island

Havelock Island - Long Island

Long Island is an 18 sq.km. the infinite island where the tourist rarely visits. It is a small and attractive island in Andaman. This is just one of the less populated islands. It also provides uninterrupted and quiet shelter to the people. Come to this place to be the only tourist on the whole island. People who regularly used bike or love to walk, It is the perfect destination for those.

Note: Even more Snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing are the most famous activities on this island. The island is almost 82 km from Port Blair.

6. Kala Pathar Beach

Havelock Island - Kalapathar beach

Kalapathar Beach is near Kalapatherar village. This place is famous for its black color stone. So it is an attractive attraction to the famous Havelock Island. Kala Pathar Beach is terrific for the silver sand-covered beaches also. This beach has found 12 kilometers from Havelock jetty. Though here not established appropriate facilities. But It is slowly increasing traffic footsteps. Even more, sunset and sunlight scenes on the coast provide incredible power to the vacationers.

The distance between Port Blair to Kala Pathar Beach is almost 61 km.

7. Merk Bay Beach

The famous and beautiful Merc Bay Beach is located in the North Pacific Island of Andaman. It is still immaculate and abandoned the island. It is close to the favorite Straight Island and Long Island.

Merk Bay Beach

The ship safari from the Long Island Jetty is the main attraction here. Because as a trip will be passing through the large rivers and it’ll take around an hour to reach it to the shore. Higher waves can make your travel a bit difficult and challenging in the rainy season or weather. This one thing always remember and keep in mind. So it is still good to see the Andaman travel Guide before attending it. Tourists have noticed that Merc Bay Beach is a suitable place for bird watching. And here is a possibility of dolphins out of the water for your entertainment.

8. Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach has situated on the eastern seacoast of Havelock Island. It is a very long area full of sand and sometimes punctuated by a stone section also. Its other name is Beach No-5. Similarly, these trees have given a different personality in the sea and are providing shades near the water. Havelock Island is the most crowded place. But, Vijaynagar Beach is perfect for spending some time in extreme peace. So, this beach is close to the heart of people. It is the ideal area for holidays with individual couples and families. Many resorts are also available on this coast. Vijaynagar Beach is ideal for walking across the sea.

Vijaynagar Beach - andaman

The coast is famous for its relaxed swimming and diving. Vijaynagar Beach is the haven for the photographer. Mainly the sunrise views from the coast are incredibly stunning. Vijaynagar Beach is about 38 km from Port Blair.

9. Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is the best beach in Neil Island. Because It looks like a high-level image of artists exhibiting, this is one of the favorite islands of Neil Island, and it is a different place in Bharatpur. So, tourists around the world respect the Bharatpur Beach due to the incredible attraction created by nature. It is a perfect area for families and couples. Fun and enjoy pure and crystal clear water. Even the shore is about 500km long. It has lots of options for kids to play and smile also.

Bharatpur Beach is about 40 km from Port Blair.

10. Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is another beach of Nail island. It is the perfect Beach and favorite place for holiday tourism and for water sports. Sunrise, Sunset, and white sand make Laxmanpur Beach a top destination. According to its tourism review, it is the most shot beach. Even more, Laxmanpur beach is famous for water sports.

It is about 40 km from Port Blair.

11. Lalaji Bay Beach

Lalaji Bay Beach is a lovely and sandy shore on the west coast of Long Island. The island highlights a long, wide white sandy beach with crystal clear water. Someone can enjoy the sun or cold water. Coldwater provides treatment for the mind and body also. To reach a boat from the Rango jetty, you have to arrive here. Even more, The boat ride is very comfortable and takes about 1.5 hours. From the Long Island jetty, to pick up a dinghy (boats) to reach the west coast and then go for a few kilometers away on the beach.

12. Guitar Island Beach

This island shows as guitar. So, The beach named “Guitar Island Beach.” A lonely coast, this can be a beautiful place to make a lazy day. However, Very wavy with all the water together, it is a favorite place for a swim. Even more, the guitar Island Beach is very long, thin, and pepper on the shores of the island.


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