Birds Name in English & Hindi (Scientific Name) Birds Vocabulary

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Birds Name: There are many species of birds in the world. It’s a lovely gift by nature. Birds come in many colors. Every people love to see birds. There are some species of birds that are very good at hunting. In this blog-post, we share some bird’s names with Hindi translation and their picture. So, if you are searching for the bird’s name, bookmark our website first, and be with us.

List of Some Useful Birds name & Image

Bird Names with Details & Hindi Meaning


birds name - Crane bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
CRANE [Scientific Name – Gruidae]सारस [Saaras]

Cranes ) are the tallest giant flying bird in the world and the first name of our birds’ name list. They have long-legged and long-necked. The males and females do not vary in external appearance, but males tend to be slightly larger than females. read more


Birds name - crow
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
CROW [Scientific Name – Corvus] कौआ [Cawa]

Crow is the most common bird in the world except South America. This bird is always in black. They are omnivorous and love to eat meat. These are like hunting young and weak animals. read more


Birds name - cock bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
COCK [Sci Name – Gallus gallus domesticus]मुर्गा [Murga]

Cock is a significant and familiar bird in the world. It has red bushes on their heads. read more


Birds name - cuckoo bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
CUCKOO [Scientific Name – Cuculidae]कोकिला [Kokila]

Cuckoo is singing birds of our birds’ names list. The scientific name of this bird is Cuculus canorus. These are of different species. Except in Antarctica, it is found everywhere in the world. They always sit on the branches of the tree and make sweet noises. read more


Birds name - dove bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
DOVE [Scientific Name – Columbidae] फाख्ता [ Phaakhta ]

Dove is called Ghuggi in Punjabi. It is also called Panduki, Parei, Panduk, Paravat, Pirki, Manjughosh and Shanti Kapot, Fakhta. It is a bird of pigeon species which is mainly found in many areas and countries including Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. This color and shape differ from pigeon in two ways. It has a black mark on its neck and one of the most widely heard birds in the Thar Desert. It is number five position in our birds name list. read more


Birds name - duck bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
DUCK [Sci Name – Anas Platyrhynchos]बत्तख [Battakh]

Ducks are swimming birds whose scientific name is Anas platyrhynchos. These can be both in the water and in the ground. They can weigh from one kilo to six kilos. They found in all countries of the world. Know more on Wikipedia


Birds name - eagle bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
EAGLE [Sci Name – Haliaeetus leucocephalus]ईगल [Eegal]

Eagles are one of the fastest and most powerful birds of the rest of the world. These found after more than 74 species in the world. More than 60 species found in Africa, Asia. Some other species found in different places around the globe. This powerful bird can fly from the ground to the heights of about 12000, and the speed of flying is also breakneck. So, we added it to our birds name list.


Birds name - flamingo bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Flamingo [Sci Name – Phoenicopterus ruber]मराल [Maraal]

Flamingo birds are available mostly in Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. Six spacious Flamingo birds are in the world. It’s an omnipotent bird which consumes plants and animal both. Know more


Birds name - goose bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Goose [Scientific Name – Anserini]हंस [Hans]

The goose is a magnificent bird living in the water, which is much larger than other birds. There are more than seven species of goose are found all over the world. This bird very slowly on the water, but in the air, they fly very speedily. know more

10. HAWK

Birds name - hawk bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Hawk [Scientific Name – Accipiter]बाज़ [Baaz]

Generally, we know cheetah at its high speed, but elsewhere there are animal birds name which recognized for rate in their ranges Hawk is one of them. It is one of the fastest and most powerful birds in the world. This powerful bird can fly more than 320 kilometers per hour and also a very excellent hunter. know more

11. HEN

Birds name - hen bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Hen [Sci Name – Gallus gallus domesticus]मुर्गी [Murgee]

The hen is the standard bird and is also available in the whole world. Mostly this bird is used for meat. So this bird is in our bird’s name list. know more


Birds name - kingfisher bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Kingfisher [Sci Name – Alcedinidae]नीलकंठ [Neelakanth]

Kingfisher is a small-sized bird of our bird’s name list and very beautiful to see. This bird called kingfisher because it is a master in fishing. Because everyone likes to watch it, if you want to see a kingfisher, then you have to go near the river or pond where you can see them. The Kingfisher bird can survive from 6 years to 10 years. Kingfisher birds are found almost everywhere on the earth. know more

13. KITE

Birds name - kite bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Kite [Sci Name – Milvus migrans]चील [Cheel]

Until some time ago, these Kite birds whose scientific name is Milvus migrans were very many, but nowadays, these birds have reduced very much. The government has started special projects to increase their number. There are many species which are found all over the world. It is about 2 feet long, and the color is terrible black, whose legs are yellow. Its wings are plentiful, but the legs are small. more


Birds name - mynah bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Mynah [Scientific Name – Acridotheres tristis]मैना [Maina]

Mynah birds are one of the most attractive in the world.Know more


Birds name - nightingale bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Nightingale [Sci Name – Luscinia megarhynchos]बुलबुल [Bulbul]

The beautiful Nightangle bird is about 15 to 25 centimeters in size. Female Nightangle is short in the size of the male. It eats insects, flowers, and fruits. more


Birds name - ostrich bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Ostrich [Scientific Name – Struthio camelus]शुतुरमुर्ग [Shuturamurg]

Ostrich is one of the big birds in the world. Though it can’t fly, it is in the number one position in the bird’s group. The winds of this bird are big and robust, but it not able to fly with the help of these wings. more

17. OWL

Birds  name - owl bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Owl [Scientific Name – Strigiformes]उल्लू [Ulloo]

The owl is dangerous and horror looking bird which able to see clearly in the night rather than day time. These birds are available in 220 species all over the world except Antarctica. Most species of these birds are available in Asia. Read more


penguin bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Penguin [Scientific Name – Spheniscidae]पेंगुइन [Penguin]

In the ice-covered South part of the world where most of the animals can’t survive, that place is a haven for Penguins. This bird can’t fly but can swim in the sea and eat sea animals. read more


pigeon bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Pigeon [Scientific Name – Columbidae]कबूतर [kabootar]

Pigeons love to live with Human civilization, which is very sophisticated and intelligent. These birds are available whole over the world expect The Sahara Desert and Antarctica. read more


parrot bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Parrot [Scientific Name – Psittaciformes]तोता [Tota]

These birds are mostly available in hot countries. Generally, the parrot’s wings are green, and a red color thought. read more


Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Peacock [Scientific Name – Pavo cristatus]मोर [Mor]

Peacock bird is famous for its beauty and the national bird of India also. It is considered a symbol of beauty. This bird has an excellent long blue nack and wings. read more


Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Partridge [Sci Name – Perdix perdix]तीतर [Teetar]

Partridge is a well-known beautiful bird. These birds mostly found in India, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, and Srilanka. Partridge is omnivorous, and it eats grains as well as insects. read more


Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Robin [Sci Name – Turdus migratorius]रोबिन [Robin]

The Robin Bird has seen around the human settlement. This bird always sings on the tree trunk. This bird is hungry and spends its life eating insects. It consumes an enormous amount of insects and protects our crops from insects. read more

24. SWAN

Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Swan [Scientific Name – Cygnus]राज-हंस [Raj-hans]

The swan bird is white and has a long nack. It loves to swim in the lake or pond — the widespread and most significant flying bird who eats small amounts of aquatic animals. read more


Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Sparrow [Scientific Name – Passeridae]गौरैया[Gauraiya]

Sparrow is a widespread small bird whose color is brown and grey, with a short tail. This bird eats grain, insect, etc. read more


Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Skylark [Scientific Name – Alauda arvensis]चकवा [chakava]

Skylark is a small bird around 7 inches (18 cm) long. It’s upperparts brown streaked with black color. read more


Birds name - woodpecker bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Woodpecker [Scientific Name – Picidae]कठफोड़वा [kathaphodava]

Woodpecker is a lovely bird in our birds name list. These are all most available in the whole world except Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Madagascar, and the extreme polar regions. These birds are not so long. read more


Birds name - vulture bird
Name in EnglishName in Hindi
Vulture [Sci Name – Aegypius Monachus]गिद्ध [Giddh]

Vulture is a hunting bird who loves to eat dead animals. A unique feature in the body of the vulture is that they are bald head and featherless. It is the last of Bird’s name list. Read more

Final word

So, guys, thats all about birds name, here we try to describe some birds name with their scientific name, Hindi translation, and their image. If you are satisfied with this post, then comment below. Now you can share this post about birds name on social media for your friends. Thank you.

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