【ZERO Balance】 How to Open FREE SBI Saving Account Online

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How to Open SBI Account online: Open SBI (State Bank of India) Zero Balance Saving Account Online on your Android Mobile for Free with Aadhaar and Pan Card only. No Minimum Balance Maintain, No SMS Alert Charge. Get Welcome Kit [Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, PassBook, and Chaque Book]

Want to know How to Open SBI Zero Balance Saving Account online India? Follow the below steps and you will be able to create a Saving Account from your Smart Phone.

how to open sbi account online India

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How to Open SBI Saving Account online [Infographic]

how to open sbi account online - Infographics

How to open SBI Zero Balance Saving Account through yono App?

It is very easy to open an account with SBI [State Bank of India] through yono mobile app. Follow the below steps.

1. Download the yono app form Google Play Store.

how to open sbi account online - Step Number one

Download the YONO SBI Mobile Banking App from Google Play Store and Open the App.
Tap on “ALLOW” Option and allow the YONO SBI to access this device location permission.

2. Tap on [New to SBI > Apply Now > Open With Aadhaar using e-KYC > Next]

how to open sbi account online - Step Number two

After Allowing the Location option a new window appears tap to “New to SBI” Option.
Next tap on the “Apply Now” Button. [Tap to “Resume” Button if you’re already done these steps previously]
In the next window select the “Open with Aadhaar using e-KYC” option and tap on below “Next” button.

3. Tap on [Next > Type Valid Mobile Number > Put OTP > Submit]

how to open sbi account online - Step Number three

After tapping to Next, a new window appear, read the lines carefully and tap to “Next”.
After that, the next window appeared. Put her a valid Mobile Number. You can put Email id and referral Code (Optional) below. Tap to “Submit”.
After that, you will be received an OTP on your mobile number which you have entered. Put the OTP in this window and tap to “Submit“.

4. Put PAN Number > Aadhaar Number

how to open sbi account online - Step Number five

Tick On two Options and Put PAN Number in the Middle.
Tap on “Next“.
Tap to the “Enter AADHAAR number” button.

5. Enter your Personal Details > Create User Name & Password

how to open sbi account online - Step Number fifth

Enter your Personal Details such as Aadhaar Number, Title, Name, Gender, DOB.
Put your City, Country Name, Citizenship, Nationality, and tap to “Next“.
Put a unique “User Name” and “Password” then tap to “Next“.

6. Put your Photo > Annual Income details

how to open sbi account online - Step Number sixth

Tap to “OK“.
Upload your “Photo“.
Select your “Annual Income“.

7. Put Educational Qualification > Marital Status > Father’s, Mother’s & Spouse Name

how to open sbi account online - Step Number seventh

Select your “Educational Qualification” form the Options.
Choose your “Marital Status” from the Options.
Put your Father’s & Mother’s First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. After that submit your Spouse’s Name also.

8. Put Occupation > Nominee details > Services

Step Number eight

Choose your “Occupation” from the Options.
Put “Nominee details“, such as Nominee’s Name, Relationship, DOB, etc.
Choose the “Services” that you want from SBI.

9. Select Personalised Kit Type > Trams & Conditions > Put OTP

Step Number nine

Choose the Option of your “Personalised Kit” [Card Type – Domestic, Card Variant – Silver/Classic]. Put the “Name as would appear on the debit card”.
Accept “Trams & Conditions“.
After this, you have received an OTP on your mobile. Put the OTP.

10. Go to SBI Branch with Reference Code

Step Number ten

In this window, a “Reference Code” will appear. With this Code, you have to go to your SBI Branch near to you with Aadhaar and Pan Card photocopy and original also.
The Bank Stuff will verify your documents and provide you a Wellcome Kit [Debit Card, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking]. If you have applied for Cheque Book, it delivered to you by Post.

You have done the job. Your SBI Account will be created Successfully for Free.

Which documents do you need to open an account for SBI?

There are only Two Documents are needed to create a Saving Account Online through “yono“.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card

How Much Money has to Maintain in this Account?

It’s no need to maintain Minimum Balance from 11.03.2020.

What are the Benefits of the SBI Saving Account?

There are two major benefits of this SBI Saving Account.

  • Zero Balance Saving Account
  • No SMS Charges


Q. How to open SBI Account without PAN Card?

  • Without PAN Card you can’t open online through yono.
  • Go to SBI Branch Near to you.
  • Fill the form manually
  • Submit with valid documents.
  • Use Form 16 if you don’t have PAN Card.

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